Why hello there – welcome to the very first edition of Blush! I am an unashamed, unrepentant romance novel addict and I suspect you may be too, which means I’m in good company.
I picked up my first Mills & Boon novel when I was 14, and fell head over heels in love with the romance of a happily-ever-after. Sweet Valley High just couldn’t compete after I got hooked on plucky heroines and dashing heroes.
Blush Magazine is me putting to good use my Bachelor Degree in Print Journalism… to bring you the story behind the story. So when you turn that last page, The End doesn’t actually have to be the end.
Disclosure: I may or may not have started this publication in order to fangirl my fav authors without getting slapped with a restraining order.
Issue 1 | Contents
IG Profile > Folded Pages Distillery
Author Interview > Beverly Jenkins
Author Interview > Kylie Scott
Book Crush > Kate Canterbary
Feature > Audiobook voice Therese Plummer
Fashion > The Right Place by Carla Caruso
Feature > Designing Covers
Let’s Talk… > Shipping with Amanda Diehl
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