By Tanya Nellestein | Romance is in the air – literally. It seems every other day a new romance-themed podcast hits the airwaves, and we couldn’t be happier.
Jane: I really need a new book to read but I need more than than the book blurb to inspire me.
Bill: Word of mouth?
Jane: I don’t know many people who read romance.
Bill: Really?
Jane: Do you?
Bill: Nope.
Jane: …
Bill: Online book groups?
Jane: They usually just say something was great. I need more.
Bill: Goodreads, Booktopia, Amazon?
Jane: Scrolling through reviews, trying to find one that lights a fire. No.
Bill: You’re hard to please.
Jane: I’m not. I’d prefer to get an in-depth overview of the plot, writing style and know something about the author. Like overhearing a conversation between two book lovers.
Bill: Have you tried podcasts?
Jane: …
Bill: They have podcasts for everything. I’m sure there would be some for romance readers.
Jane: …
Strange voice-over lady: begins narrating
Bill is absolutely right. There are indeed several podcasts that focus on romance novels. A quick google search will reveal helpful lists of rom-pods. (That’s not a thing, I just made it up. But I think it might catch on).
Everyone is doing it. Listening to podcasts, that is. Motivations vary from wanting inspiration, education, information or to simply escape. (Hmmm, kind of like reading). It’s also a great way to optimise your time, particularly while you’re walking, working out, driving or commuting.
A 2018 ABC survey revealed the popularity of podcasts is on the rise with Australians listening to more podcasts more often. Nine out of 10 Australian adults (91%) are now aware of podcasts (Welcome to the club, Jane!) While one in three have listened to a podcast in the last month.
Jane and Bill: nodding, looks of enlightenment on their faces.
Strange voice-over lady: I bet you’re wondering, as there are so many rom-pods (I really think this will catch on) to choose from, what is it that makes a really great one? For starters, a really good story. Which is, Jane, what I believe you are looking for. Secondly, the banter.

The chemistry between the hosts or the host and the guest needs to be real. Finally, as most podcasts are ongoing, as the listener you want to feel a connection with the hosts. As though the content has been made just for you.

Word of mouth is the most common way of discovering new podcasts. So how’s about we run though a few?
Gordon Murphy and Katana Collins draw on their own experiences of romance to comment on novels and all things romance.
Bill: Mom?Are these all American?
Strange voice-over lady: Yes.
Jane: What about Australian rom-pods?
Strange voice-over lady: I knew it would catch on! And yes, you can try…
Jane: Great. But why haven’t I heard of other romance readers listening to rom-pods?
Strange voice-over lady: Rom-pod – squee! Let’s do that.
Fiona Lunn: I like podcasts because they create a connection between the writer and the reader.
Jane: Okay, I’m keen!
Strange voice-over lady: Rom-pods, it’s a thing. ♥
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