The Biker's Curvy Valentine

She wandered in off the street and straight into my heart…

I found her wandering the highway on Valentine’s Day, barefoot with torn clothes. She doesn’t remember who she is, where she came from, or who gave her the bruises on her body.
I call her Valentine because that’s the day she wandered into my life—the day my life changed forever.
Valentine doesn’t remember her past, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have one.
And when it comes for her, I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my Valentine.

The Biker’s Curvy Valentine is an age-gap, amnesia, instalove romance featuring an OTT obsessed ex-military hero and the curvy woman he’ll do anything to protect.

Authors note: The Biker's Curvy Valentine is a steamy instalove novella that can be read in about two hours. If you love a quickie, then dive on in!

Release Date: February 2, 2023
Series: Underground Crows MC

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