You never forget your first love. Now mine is delivering my baby…

Everyone always accuses me of being reckless.
With my choices.
With my heart.
The baby growing inside me proves them right.
So does the fact that I just got myself stuck in the middle of a hurricane with the first man I ever loved.
The one who shattered me with four simple words.
It was a mistake.
Now he’s the only one who can keep me and my baby alive.
But I’m not sure we can weather the storm without our past destroying us completely.
And even if we do survive the tempest, another danger waits for us, one that that’s far worse…

Reckless Hawke is the fourth book in The Hawke Family Second Generation Series from USA Today Bestselling Author Gwyn McNamee. Grab this angsty, second chance, forced proximity, forbidden billionaire romance about a woman determined to protect her child and a man trying to guard his heart.

Release Date: April 25, 2024
Series: The Hawke Family Second Generation

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