Next Time I Fall

What happens when Mr. Wrong turns into Mr. Right?

After three years of being a single mom, café owner Chloe Morgan is finally ready to take another chance on love. She's found the perfect man in Joel Bradshaw. He checks all her boxes when it comes to stability, commitment, and accountability.

And then Joel's best friend, Decker Hayes, comes to town…

Decker is exactly the kind of man Chloe doesn't want. A self-avowed wanderer, Decker might be attractive, sexy, and great with her kid, but he doesn't make plans. He doesn't think long-term. He's not someone a woman should count on.

Decker would agree. Coming from a broken home, Decker is not a family man. He isn't even sure what family really is. Chloe is also dating his friend, which makes her off-limits.

But as Chloe and Decker are thrown together during a house remodel and the unraveling of an old family mystery, they find themselves falling for the absolutely wrong person.

Neither one wants to risk another broken heart, but when love shows up, anything can happen…

Release Date: January 31, 2023
Series: Whisper Lake

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