New York City; the City that never sleeps.

At least that’s the pace that Gemma Williams has grown accustomed to while working at the prestigious law Firm, King Brother’s and Associates. She knows all about keeping her head down and working her tail off. That’s how she was able to escape her hometown of Savannah, GA and her traumatic-childhood upbringing. She’s been working at their uptown office for a year now and like every other female in a 100 mile radius she is very aware of how gorgeous the Scottish CEO of the firm, Brent King, is.

Gemma works with Brent’s brother, Blake King, who has been her BFF since she moved to NYC for college. Brent oversees an entirely different office when he isn’t jet-setting it in the UK for work. So the odds of the two of them running into each other isn’t high. However, all of that is about to change after a mix up at a fancy restaurant where she finds herself standing in front of the wrong reservation for King. She’s got the CEO’s attention now whether she wants it or not. He wants more than a one night stand and she doesn’t do relationships. Will her traumatic upbringing stand in her way of giving love a try?

Fireworks are about to fly and no one in their path is safe.
Release Date: February 14, 2023
Series: A Love Story

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