Where to start? Lies is fast paced and intricately plotted, with Kylie Scott’s customary witty dialogue and HOT sex.
As a heroine, Betty rocks. She has a beautiful mix of vulnerability and confidence; “Apparently, I’m fuckable – just not girlfriend material. Maybe it’s my smart mouth… I don’t know; it’s their loss. Like anyone, I have my faults, but all in all. I’m awesome.”
Yes, yes she is. Her superpower is sarcasm and she tells Thom to “watch your ego” while they’re f*cking. She’s adorable, brave and cool and I want to be her BFF.
Generally I tend to prefer books with a dual POV, and while I missed hearing the story from Thom’s perspective, Kylie is clever at letting the reader know exactly where he’s at, whether it’s through small nuances of his character, or observations from others.
We meet Thom not knowing he’s an undercover operative, and I honestly wondered how Kylie was going to make him a hero worthy of Betty.

Obviously, I shouldn’t have worried, because Kylie sure as f*ck knows what she’s doing.

By half way through the book, I was ready to leave my husband for the fictional Thom. His character arc has such beautiful growth, thanks to Betty’s kick ass guidance.
And this is a SPY NOVEL guys! There’s all sorts of fun gadgets and things that go boom, and phrases like ‘wheels up in five’ and ‘multiple hostiles. Roger that.’; As Betty says, “Int? Recce? What is this language you’re speaking?”’
Because it’s written from Betty’s POV (and she has no idea about this world), it has just the right amount of detail to keep you hooked and bring real fear to some of the situations, as well as Betty’s wry humour. When considering she may die and thinking about her belongings getting blown up; “my browser history and vibrators are already dealt with, at least.”
And the twist. THE TWIST. I can say no more. Except, read this book. Now.

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